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Sometimes I'm the only sober one - although I might drink a bit if Mum was OK with it.I'm not against drinking exactly, but I just think there's time for me to enjoy it later.Some people bring weed to school and smoke it on the way home or at break time. I know it probably gives them a buzz, but I wouldn't want to get addicted.I look at the state they're in and know I don't want to do that to myself, but it's also because I've talked to my mum and older sister, Naomi, about it. Sex, drugs, alcohol - we're pretty open about it all, and that helps me make decisions for myself.I know I look older than my age; I'm tall and I have quite a grown-up face and figure and could pass for 16 or so. He's 17 and we got together when I was 13 and he was 15.I don't dress deliberately old, because my sister says I should enjoy being the age I am. He's a family friend, so Mum and Dad knew him before, which probably makes it easier for them to trust us together. Some of my friends think it's weird we haven't had sex yet, especially because he's older than me.Story: Busty housewife Lisa Ann has a pretty big secret: every time her loving husband heads off to work, she meets up with her boyfriend Isiah to satisfy her addiction to big black cock!She was on her knees sucking Isiah off when her husband came back home looking for a set of keys and almost caught them red handed!

Caitlin says: I've just come out of a year-long relationship.On a Friday night they go to the park and smoke cannabis or get smashed out of their heads on drink that someone older buys for them.They end up in scary situations - having sex in the bushes, throwing up everywhere or stumbling into the road in front of cars.About - Where & How:- All scenes are available on membership option.- This Studio sells part of his content on Movies (445) offering different methods to watch: DVD (442) & Used DVDs (127) - Blu-Ray (1)Video on Demand (389) Own, Rental, x Minute About Brazzers - Where & How:- All scenes are available on membership option.

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She has two older sisters, Naomi, 18, and Beth, 16, and a younger brother, Harry, 12.

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